Monday, May 16, 2005

A most refreshing way to introduce yourself to someone you know by MSN only

It is quite a necessity to have a good memory to prevent awkward situations, such as the one I had recently, described below.

She: i noe ya?
Me: no you don't
Me: but I think you are cute
Me: hahah... no lah
Me: your friend told me you can help with planning for me taiwan trip...
Me: thing is, I forgot which friend
Me: argh.
Me: ok ok, I'm in NUS comp engineering. you know any friend there?
Me: USP?
She: xinmei?
She: kevin tai?
She: eugene?
Me: eugene ng? don't think it's him..
Me: I think it's a her..
Me: errr..
Me: shit, this is bad..
She: nopez..not eugene ng..mine's eugene lek
Me: orh
Me: ok, this is getting awkward.
Me: I can authenticate myself :$
She: ah huh..
Me: cherry?
She: ???
Me: zhiqing?
She: OH
She: zhiqing
She: you are??
Me: is that right?
Me: ok, I am Frank, a friend of zqueen's thru exchange program in Canada..
She: yupz...hi~
She: think i heard your name b4 also
Me: phew... authenticated!!

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