Thursday, May 05, 2005

A rather quiet wednesday...

I have quite a crazy friend in Chee wee. Crazu in both his mentality and his lousy driving skills.

Asked me out for breakfast at4am when I saw him online, and I crazily agreed to it despite being half asleep and rather in need of sleep. We drove and Prata-ed at Upper Bukit Timah stretch near Beauty World, before going to NUS for a mini-tour of the undulating terrains. Nah... the minitour was an excuse to get him to drive me to school and clear my lockers... I always have a cunning plan. That sucker... heh heh. =P

Most cunning plans are never perfect in execution, and mine wasn't an exception, due to a lousy-sense-of-direction accomplice I have in Chee wee - we spent quite some time getting to the TUAS CHECKPOINT after that, not quite enroute from NUS to NTU. In Chee wee's hostel room in NTU, we talked on matters not particularly interesting to people not interested in relationships matters.

Because of this morning activity, was late to meet up with Ginn for lunch @ Sushi Don Funan, and was she fuming when I got there.... Note to self: Never ever be late to Ginn again. She quite fierce when she not enough sleep.

Spent the later part of the afternoon in Esplanade library listening to music and reading Ishiguro's novel. Rather peaceful and nice way to spend a day.

Walked down to Outram park in the evening for yummy duck rice dinner @ Hong Lim Food Centre, before changing money for my taiwan trip.

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