Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Was privately amused by a speck of dust on the window today, while taking a bus. It resembled a person bent forward in an active posture that implies forward motion.

The fun part came in when I closed one eye and parallexed the figure onto the sidewalk, to see a stick figure running as fast as the bus is going, on the sidewalk. It really is quite interesting, especially since it's a stick figure that's breezing along faster than all the other pedestrians....

Perhaps my fellow commuters took joy in seeing an insane fellow closing one eye and looking out of the window for most part of the journey, but I too was entertained by the stick/dust figure, so we're fine with our roles.

I think I might just bring a marker and vandalise some bus windows with similar dust figures, just to make our mundane commuting more interesting. =)

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