Monday, May 16, 2005

They don't call it St. Anthony's fire for nothing...

Ladies and gentlemen, I am down with Herpes Zoster. Too much gallivanting and frolicking around in Taiwan might be the cause of this extreme discomfort which I have to endure with for the next 3 weeks. Sigh, such is the price one have to pay for his reckless actions.

No, it is not Herpes of the sexual kind. Rather, it is what we commonly know as Shingles. For more information, look here

When the rashes first came out, my immediate thoughts dwelled in the hotspring of Beitou and all the dirty stuff associated with the nature of hotsprings (other than kinky behaviour[s], there are also mega communities of bacteria/parasites/lochness monsters). Could it be parasites? Some form of allergic reaction? Too much glorious junk food? But it turned out to be sheer bad luck, or whatever unexplainable reasons that I can explain off.

Yup, so I'll be a contagious walking diseased tourist in China from Tuesday on, happily spreading Herpes to all those in contact with me. Joy joy joy.

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