Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I think of funny things sometimes.

I think of homework which complete themselves.
I think of water bottles which generate water from condensation or nothing at all.
I think of you.
I think of laptops which run on erasers.
I think of aircons which ask you if it's comfortable around here.
I think of cows which walk up to you and ask you which prime cut you want.
I think of birds which politely ask if they might have the pleasure of shitting on you.
I think of waterfalls which flow like air.
I think of ant trails which operate on a day-to-day schedule.
I think of you again.
I think of sandals which will never never smell of decay and whatever else my stinky Tevas reminds me of.
I think of miracle creams which can eliminate pimples forever.
I think of babies who will not scream/wail/roar/irritate, but ask you for help in a very civilized manner.
I think of tap-cards for security doors in SoC.
I think of canteens which will never close shop.
I think of tables which will never accumulate dust.
I think of lovers who will never change their mind about each other.
I think of jeans which never need washing.
I think of mums who will never nag or say 'See lah, I told you so!'
I think of TVs which will never show crappy programmes unless you want them to.
I think of network printers which will never waste your quota by printing out balance sheets for your print quota.
I think of people who will never creep behind you and see what you are typing while sitting in S15 Level 3.
I think of buses which do automatic queuing for people getting off the bus
i think of buses which have more than 2 doors.
I think of lovers who will never lie to each other.
I think of when I can own my mama shop.
I think of when the world will end.
I think of when I should stop thinking about homework which will complete themselves, and when I should start touching them. The horrors.

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