Monday, January 10, 2005

The magic gloves of Genki Sushi, Meridien

Genki Sushi @ Meridien apparently has come into possession of polyuterene gloves that are infused with a portion of magic (or something of that nature.)

Not only does it allow the chef to prepare food (notwithstanding the taste) with it, it also allows the chef to do wonderful stunts with it!

He can touch tables with it, he can swing under a table panel with it, he can support himself with his hands ON THE FLOOR whilst under the table with it, and he can continue making his sushi with it after all those acrobatic stunts! If there is anything more spectacular and amazing than that, it would be in Thailand, where hawkers align themselves with the flying insects that have no shame in helping themselves with their allies' food inventory.

This will be one food outlet that I will not be visiting for perhaps the next millenium or more, and I suggest you think twice about it too.

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