Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Outings and going-ons the last few days

31st Dec:: Went for New Year party at Zikai’s house and had a tough time cutting down the turkey to size for steamboat. Played Asshole daidee with (Lynn & BF), Wendy, Suying, Zhenxian, and Darius till dawn and then went for Prata at Thomson Road.

2nd Jan:: Went for New Year party at Kelly’s House, meeting up with Kelly, Cheewee, Joey, Ginn, Zhenlin, Mervin, Han Yang, and Sherlin. Ate potluck and played Guestures.

3rd Jan:: Met up with Jonathan for dinner in NUS. He’s a real cool dude (Hall King in NTU!) and he’s in sight of a relationship with a girl who would tolerate his nonsense. Way to go, buddy…

4th Jan ::Met up with Zikai and gang for Ma La Hot Pot @ Bugis, and have been having diarrhoea ever since. =(

Fixed my Sicko Kinetic @ 35 dollars @ Bencoolen.

Watched the Anime version of Return of the Condor Heroes, and was totally disgusted that it ended with a different ending at a much earlier stage in the real story (Can you believe it? It ended with an inconclusive ending, at the point when they stepped out of Heartless valley!!! Cheat my money, I tell you..)

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