Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A terribly disturbing marketing class.

Where stands us males?

Today's Global Marketing class was depressing. A section concerning symbols/words of sacred meanings in different cultures led to a uncomforting fact that 'Mother' is a sacred word, and 'Father' doesn't really stand anywhere near the top 10 list.

'Father is simply.... well.... you know.... someone that you have to have for his sperms.' Bouts of laughters and grins among the girls.

'And of course, his credit card.' She continued, describing in good humour how women always always have a secret stash of money 'for the rainy days', and always always should try to be the Minister of Finance, approving on any desirable purchases (from his card) that can be justified as 'anniversary gifts', to which any doubts the husband puts forward can be simply put away to rest by putting on a frown (or any upset face) and whining 'you don't remember...' And funnily, his credit card is justifiably used for gifts both to the husband and to the wife.

I try to repudiate the first claim that a father is simply a production plant for an essential component of Life (?), but then I start to wonder why the father really bother to do what he does nowadays.

What does the father really get out of a family anyway? What is the role of the modern man? What portion does the modern female, and the society at large, appropriate to him, and expects of him in return?

I am no longer sure that females are the weaker species in the modern society, but am gradually thinking that we guys are slowly (but surely) being inched off the table, where the family is concerned.

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