Sunday, January 16, 2005


Running taps. Keys in lock. Lights left on. Wallet left on the table. Water bottle unfilled. Mp3 player unbrought. My mind is so lost in you without you. I am absent within, and there's no way to get myself back in shape, save Time's miraculous works.

I see apparations of you in the reflections of bus windows, and turn around to see someone else; the bus sceneries comes colourless, soundless, devoid of soul and passion; curvacious babes that once seemed so appealing appear formless, for they are not you. I am going down.

I move around irritated all day, waiting for someone (anyone) to step on my tail that I can have an excuse to bit his head off. And I will. Shun me, for I am in my most irritable form now. You will not like me. Yet I am helpless like an limbless lion, harmless like a sedated rabied puppy.

Perhaps I did not know the consequences of our decision, perhaps I was overly positive. But now that the thought that I am (really) losing you is sinking in, I am not taking it easy. It never comes easy to me. I am not one such person. I am only an idiot that is so in love with you.

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