Saturday, January 15, 2005

Rants and raves

The steamboat (and dai dee) session yesterday was enjoyable. Funnily, it seems to most of us that our holidays (since last year April) has not come to an end yet. Next week's a long weekend, thanks to the malay community, and what will we be doing? I'm not sure, but it should be something interesting. If not, I'll be going on a hike to think things out. Some stuff have not really sunk into my dense brain, and this might be a good time to think things through.

The musical performance @ the esplanade was much enjoyable. Suteki da ne is (and will be) one of my favourite anime songs, and to hear it on the ivories brings up memories. Isn't it wonderful? Nerissa has blossomed into a beautiful rose, and I'm sure she'll do well in the future to come. I'm happy for her.

Lijiang sounds terrific for the coming semester break, but I would really hope this trip to include Hong Kong(priority), Shenzhen, and as many places possible within the span of 2 weeks (or more?). If this works out, I'll be 1K+ poorer, but I'll survive. ICs, please do some planning and budgeting.

I'm still surviving from the onslaught within, at least that's what I think I am doing. I don't show anything much, to the astonishment of many. Maybe I'm ignoring the matter. But I can feel evil Knarf coming up within. I just hope I can kill him before he starts doing funny things to me again. Let's hope this clears up by the end of the semester, for this can really impede my growth into the really wonderful superman that I can be. Fuck it, I say. But I can't. Life sucks, and only Time can stop this sucker, if she is as willing as Barkis is.

There is only so much a man can take. Please don't let me lose hope in the species from Venus because of this.

Ignore this thread if you can't make sense of it. Or better still, laugh it off like I usually do when someone tells a joke that seems more like a mathematical lemma, and label that someone as weird.

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