Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The incessant aftermath of Tsunami

I have found an effective solution to the repercussive aftermath of the tsunami, and I dare say it's the perfect solution to the problem.


I am talking about the sporadic roadside flag donations towards building up after the tsunami which has mushroomed everywhere. The only effective way to prevent yourself from getting clawed at again and again and again is to wear earphones and pretend that you are absolutely oblivious to the surroundings.

Somehow earphones have the miraculous effects of warding off unwanted flaggers/salesmen/wanting-to-ask-question-aunties. It is an automatic understanding (to them) that you are totally incapable of actions that even babies are able at, and I am nonchalent about being held at that comparison, for I know my worth. And anything's worth it to get away from the unnecessary attention.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all those in between, to avoid the hassle of ever so often ducking and hiding and performing matrix stunts to get away from the patrollers of the streets, just don your earphones, never mind if they are connected to absolutely nothing or an mp3 player with a dead battery.

Or you can simply donate and get a flag.

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