Thursday, August 18, 2005

Driving again. =)

I find driving quite fun now with Mr. Lau, the instructor who has the incessant habit of nagging.

I'm at the point where there's not much to be grumbled about, save the occasional slowness in reacting to sticky situations (taxi suddenly stop in front; inconsiderate drivers refusing to give way++; old grannies snailing across zebra crossings), so it doesn't get too exasperating being around him anymore.

In fact, it gets quite fun small-talking with him. It makes me feel almost like a taxi driver talking to his passenger, albeit a taxi driver with lousy skills on the roads. =)

This morning's rain brought rheumatism to his back (on top of a sleepy disposition) and he started complaining about his long hours without any public holidays. Then we started complaining why Nathan's walkover was a bad thing for all Singaporeans since this means one less public holiday for all of us. I pointed out that since he is his own boss, he can simply declare a holiday whenever he wants (He shakes his head and say 'Where got so good life..', in chinese.) Complaining about the small things in life does make life more interesting - no wonder pple like to gather at coffeeshops to talk about politics and all, though it's all NATO [No Action, Talk Only].

Near the end of our driving session, there were two idiots who crossed the traffic junction slowly and caused a test-driver to fail his driving test. He was unable to complete his turn at the junction, and was thus left dangling past the 'Stop' line. Lau called me to stop as I was driving past them, and he wound down his car windows to scold them (害死人啊,你们!!, complete with accusing fingers). It's his nature. =). But I think the 2 pple quite deserve it, cos it's quite a bad thing for the test-driver to spend so much time and money on driving lessons to simply fail because of their inconsiderate actions.

I call Mr. Lau 'Boss' since he's my driving instructor; he calls me 'Boss' since I'm paying him for his services. These terms of endearments from such familiarity with each other is simply lovely, and bring smiles to our faces everytime we see each other.

Although I do hope today is one of the the last few times I need his services before my driving test on next Friday. I'd better not meet with inconsiderate pple during MY driving test.

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