Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Whenever I open my drawer and look at my passport...

I feel like taking the earliest bus/boat/plane out of the country to somewhere far away - away from my thoughts, my work, and my everything.

To see sceneries I've never seen before, trails I've never tracked, people I've never met; to do work I've never done, things I never dared to do; to enjoy all the fruits and beauties of the world, guided only by His masterplan in reckless abandonment.

I want to travel to far and foreign lands, fall in love insanely with someone, work for her hand-in-marriage for 10 years and more, and live a happy ever after, owning a mama shop for retirement.

Yet we are tied down by institutions, by possessions, by cares and responsibilities. Sigh... I'm sick of all this.

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