Monday, August 29, 2005

Wayward Cloud, RJC, RI02, Sentosa, So1E...


Watched 'The Wayward Cloud' on Friday night with ZK and Kelli. It's a artsy fartsy RA film made in Taiwan, Kaohsiung (I recognised one of the scene from my army days) which probably went down the drain with many pple here. Kelli left before the show ended, refusing to pay taxi midnight charges for staying to watch the film; ZK didn't see much to the film either.

I think it's not really a for-everyone kind of film. How to describe it? It's a haphazard assembly of tacky (and sometimes sentimental) chinese songs from the 60s-70s? outbreaked in unexpected drama-mama dance scenes (think Bollywood style), mixed with non-logical protagonist actions/behaviour (think scrapping key out from a newly bulldozed road, pornographic fascination with watermelons, implicit sexual frustrations, collecting water from the public toilets in mineral water bottles; unexplained determination to open a locked luggage case) But from the film, I saw hints of lamentations by the director on the social development of Taiwan (scantily dressed girls dancing around Sun Yatsen's statue amongst many other scenes); changing sexual roles (guy-wearing-girl's-clothes trying to vie for the attention of a girl-wearing-guy's-clothes from other girls; many girls with big boobs trying to chase after a penis-headed guy in a rather huge toilet); confusion over focus in our lives (over-abundant production of watermelons in drought period forced watermelon juice prices to dive lower than mineral water?); and selfishness (protagonist illegal swimming in a block of flat's water storage tank)

The show does also have video shots from refreshing angles deserving of praise, so I think it's not that bad lah... although I won't watch it at a 9.50 price tag, unless my buddies call me out for it.

Went to the new RJC campus in Bishan with ZK for a self-guided tour on saturday after eating lunch in Thomson area. Our supposed main aim of the trip was to get ourselves new spiffy RJ tees, which are reasonably the best buys for tees in Singapore. As Garry explains, 'Where else to get cheap [$4.80], comfortable [100% cotton], and branded [RJC's branding] t-shirts???!?' Haha... remembered the time when we drove down to the old RJC for lunch and bought ourselves some RJ tees while at it, when we were in undergrad year 1...

Our pessimism of not being able to fulfilling our main aim was unjustified, when we found the bookshop miraculously open at 2pm that saturday afternoon. Sweet.

I stayed around and studied (donning my new RJ mugging outfit) in the quietness of RJC's compound, with the companion of many other cao RJC muggers, until night time came(when RI02's campfire began)

I think I'm too old for campfires. =|

RI02's campfire was held in RJC's compound and it was quite refreshing to be in the companions of little boys wearing oversized uniforms squeeking in high pitched voices. And very cute to see little scouts being shy with little guides ('eeeek!')

And yes, the emcees were horrible to the point that they were interesting. I think only RI pple have the ability to tell such lame and horrible jokes that you'd have to hand it to them and laugh along - not at the jokes, of course, but at them. ;) They're so lame that even Jesus would have a hard time performing miracles on them. Joking.

Nevertheless, the old boys had a good time ridiculing them among ourselves. There was a "I'm PAMELA from ANDERSON" who went up the stage and sent us into guffaws. =P.

New Balance Realrun was a killer, I find. Chee wee, I hate. That si nang kia ran faster than me by 30secs, though I outran him for the first 5km. I refuse to admit defeat to that swine.

I think I'm quite able at 4km runs, and should move on to 2.4km runs (speedy runs), and/or 10km jogs(endurance).

So1E bbq later in the evening was good. I'm quite unabashed to say that I'm a rather proficient bbq-er, due to the fact that I AM a rather proficient bbq-er. =)

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