Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Other Life - Lloyd Cole

My Other Life by Lloyd Cole

Clearly you can see that I am bleeding
Clearly you can see my clothes are torn
Clearly this demands an explanation
Only I can offer none.

My other life.

Witnesses have placed me at the crime scene
Forensic evidence concurs
Samples taken from under my fingernails
Support the prosecution's case.

My other life.

Analysis failed to find the motive
Hypnotists failed to break the code
Journalists are camped out at my doorstep
perchance that I might slip and drop the key
to my other life.

Welcome to my made-for-TV movie
I look strangely placid on the stand
You can be the judge and the jury
consider please the allegations.

My other life.

I slip away to my other life
with no regret or remorse
happy and gay in my other life
no need to wake me monday morning
from my other life.

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