Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I've taken a defeatist stand

against the white termites in my room.

My stand now is: If they can find anything, then it's theirs.

They've got excellent stealth tactics up their sleeves (what sleeves?), finding food which I've long forgotten, misplaced, or put into cold storage. They've actually managed to :
- sniff out a long forgotten piece of gum in my bag;
- gnaw off some unpalattable chinese beef jerkies (gave me an excuse to throw them away =);
- eat my precious preserved plums! (damn them)
- sniff out my bread, but couldn't gain entrance to it. =P

Other than feeling quite unabashed about taking my food without permission, they've not been much of a problem, as they consciously keep out of my sight - they bugger off once the food's gone.

They've also been useful in keeping the cleanliness in my room, clearing away all the dead insects that stumbled into my room.

So I take that it's a symbiotic relationship here, haha. Not really. I still hate them and will crush them like cockroaches... hmm.. no... like white termites, when I see them.

Damn them white termites.

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