Friday, August 26, 2005

Driving test.

I passed on no merit of my own but God's miraculous works.

I mistook vertical parking for parallel parking and cocked up the first few steps, only to realise it in time later.

I took extra movements to complete my parallel parking.

Those extra carelessness cost me 10 points, but I only had 4 points deducted on the road (for late signals) as there wasn't much traffic on the road to hinder my way. 14 points is a pass. =)

How can I pass, but for the miraculous meeting of a very lenient tester and such excellent traffic condition?? God's work, I tell you... Once again, He has shown me undeserving kindness despite my bullheaded stubborness against His plans for me.

To me, God has shown himself to be a strict disciplinarian who's always chastising me, but always making plans/providing a way out for me, when I'm in a pivotal situation which is simply beyond my control. He always answer my desperate prayers, when I acknowledge that the situation is beyond me and that only He, my God, my Lord, can handle it for me. He shows Himself to be the 'Great I Am', whenever I flings my hands in helplessness into the air and say 'God, everything shitty is happening to me now. If everything works out, it is of Your power and will. I am in your hands.'

In the near terms, I count his major landmark blessings whenever I fling my hands into the air -

NUS Undergraduate Scholarship: Unable to secure any fundings from any scholarship organisations, I had been dejected. I had thought myself doomed to slogging a few years to pay off study loansss. But he showed a way out for me by giving me the excellent bond-free NUS Undergraduate Scholarship.

SEP to UBC: Man proposes and God disposes. I had wanted an exchange to U. of Washington, and had braced myself to borrowing money from my brothers for the whole exchange. God thought otherwise. He sent me to UBC on a 10K Award from Lee Foundation, thereby ridding me of another financial woe. It was a free extended holiday from God.

Eu's laptop: Got water-poured while in Vancouver. I earnestly prayed to You and you made it well.

Elisa: The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. He has shown a beautiful person - a person too beautiful for me. To this date, my shortsightness has failed me to see His purpose in this. But there is one. For I know that in all things, God works for the good of those who loves Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

V-day flowers project recently this year: Pre-orders never did come in enough to generate predictable profits. Desperate, I committed it into Your hands, offering all possible profits (if any) as tithe to You. You gave me profits of SGD$500.

And today's driving practical test: You know that I've already spent so much money and am fully drained financially. You know that if I fail this test, I will be in big financial troubles, if not simply losing the extra time needed for a retest. I committed this into Your hands and you blessed me with a pass, though I have seen myself intrinsically unworthy of one. I have never been a good driver throughout my lessons, and there's me and my instructors to vouch for that ('You better pray that you do your very best on your test day').

And yes, I am happy. Thank you, God.

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