Thursday, August 04, 2005


Went to Zouk last night and it was the first time I got so drunk. =P

Puked twice in the washroom, once on the dance floor, and was groggy the whole night after all of 3 tequila shots, 2 bourbon cokes, random sippings from friendly faces' jugs, and our last jug of Long Island Tea (this is the killer!)

Figured that my tipsy level is at before LIT, with me walking in curvatures already. =S.

Lost contact with HY , Assumpta, and Aaron on the dance floor after my first puke in both basins in the washroom. Was consequently engaged in staring into blank spaces, moving around the dance floor looking for the group, and rushing to the washroom to puke. The feeling's not nice....

Spent the night after the action zoning off and sleeping around Zouk's compound, unable to respond to security guards asking me to move, or ants biting at me.

Really stoned.

Haha, and the formidable HY was drunk too! She found her consciousness in her living room, a long time after losing it on the dance floor of Zouk... And I was holding onto my HP the whole night, SMSing inconherent SMSes to HY, asking her where she was, in the hope of reconning with my newfound 'darling'-
'where crew you?'- 2:45:19am
'X.Wierd are you,? I need you....' - 2:57:43am
'Where are you?.O' - 3:23:45am
'Where are you-i'm drunk.' - 3:26:16am
(Conked out zoning off)
'Are you ok???' - 6:21:43am

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