Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It was a good week

wakeboarding is tons of fun, despite being awarded the title of 'face-plunge pro' by zk. Hey, no pain no gain is my belief, and the road to learning tricks fast is to stare danger in the eyes and poke them while you can.? 7 - 10 face plunges got me out of action for the whole weekend, making me forgo an appt with Huiyi. Another time, perhaps. =)

met up with Rene and her beautiful Siobhan (pronounced to something like Charvon [dun ask me why, it's irish.]). I think I like babies, but am always terrified of doing something to them without meaning to ('aww... what a sweeet baby...' *crackz* 'oops~~!') They seem so fragile, so vulnerable, so prone to accidents in my careless hands. Sigh.
But I think children around the age of 2 to 4 is fun to to play with.... if at this point you're thinking me a paedophile - I'm not, ok?? Neither am I a gay, despite all those gayishly intimate conversations I have with friends. I wish I was, and I won't be so troubled by matters of the heart.... guys are so much easier to fathom. Sigh again.

It has been some time since the JC group hanged out and played bridge overnight to such an extent. I think NUS S15 corridor makes one of the best places to play bridge... 24-h aircon, square table, internet and power points for internet radio playing, no one around, toilets at both ends of the corridor.... what else do you need? I think everyone shagged out in the morning... and we only got a Captain Foo out of all our endeavours. ;)

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