Monday, October 18, 2004

Acquiring the taste of garlic pasta and Peru/Guatemala coffee brew

Garlic pasta and fresh brewed peru/guatemala coffee are two things new and refreshing to my senses that I would never have ordered and tried by myself (not entirely improbable, but mostly not probable.) But after trying them both, it seems that a flood gate has been opened, and all things pastay and coffeey may inevitably rush out to contend for a spot in my system.

I do not understand coffee much though. Their bitterness creates imageries of carbon blocks and unsaid words that matures into an intense feeling of submissive perseverance within, a robust character developed no doubt. Yet this bitterness leaves a longing for more, a craving, a curiosity that searches for 'what's next?' with the full knowledge that there will be nothing more except the same bitterness. This taste, this imagery, this feeling, is now entrenched into my memory and I will know it for a long time. I am curious to find out more. Pavlov's conditioning has its effects on me already.

Toffee apples are meaningful to the palatte. The crunchy and malic taste of the green apple contrasts with the sweet and gooey toffee, yet they couple together in perfect unison. If there is any weirder combination with the same compatability, I do not know of it.

Harold and Kumar does eventually get to White Castle Burgers' and live happily ever after, albeit for a while.

Yes I owe you big time, and I will make good of it to you.

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