Thursday, October 21, 2004

Days before Seattle. Rants.

Need to finish homework for this week and next week. That means HW3 and next week's readings for CPSC418.

Got Mid term exams next Thurs. Not studying yet. Study in Seattle? Yah rite. I'm not a mugger. =)

Need to finish all the soon-rotting vegetable (and whatnots) in the fridge.

Help. There's a mouse in the kitchen. Hmm......
Yay. New pet. Don't be too jealous. =)

Finishing my $2.5 tub of Yoplait Yogurt (mixed berries) to avoid seeing random mushrooms in the fridge after coming back from Seattle. Enjoying it. Yumz.

Garry is cooking some of the brocolli and carrots now for supper and to 'eat-for-the-sake-of-finishing'. Smells nice, but I'm not sure about the taste.

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