Monday, October 04, 2004

Peaceful Sunday...

If there was ever a random shopping day for me in Vancouver, today is it. Went to Gransville and got myself a bit lost looking for DVD for Yusry (Rites of Passage) and then went down Broadway to shop at London Drugs. Bought 7 cans of spaghetti ($1 each), 4 packs of 1L juices (60 cents each), 2 boxes of 8X muesli bars (2.2 each), 20 packs of noodles (20 cents each), 4 cans of boneless herring (60 cents each), and 3 cans of power stews (1.60 each). Now got one whole shelf of cans (reminds me of the Matrix when they summoned up the weapon shelves.. swoosh~~~!) The fact that they are all Best Buys perked up my day! Think if I ever become a house husband, I will be extremely happy on grocery days... =)

Church this morning was bizarre, or rather that I am not accustomed to it. You have people spontaneously standing up to testify and/or talk from the bible (it's a non-structured service, without any main speaker.) And too much Amens (if it's ever possible!) and repetitions.

I am having second thoughts about going back to the same church again. =(

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