Sunday, October 17, 2004

Oh happening day.

1) Weird dream in the morning.
Dreamt that I was wearing an army singlet and jeans, with short beard. Stuck in Vancouver. Growing old. Getting lost. Something else I forgot... What does that tell? Hmm.

2) Went Ikea today.
Ikea (Coquitlam) is big! 2 levels only, but the place is huge and filled with nice stuff and design concepts. Didn't manage to get the metal plate I wanted, but bought 3 deep plates at 50 cents each (awesome!) and a lamp base @ $7. Missed the $1 dollars breakfast which everyone who reached there before 11am MUST eat, and those who arrived after 11 (I arrived at 1110am) must miss. Ate a sumptuous meal of 20 meatballs, 1 muffin, 1 pecan pie, and 1 lemon meringue, shared with Elisa.

3) Went Richmond also!
Arrived at Richmond quite late and went around Richmond Centre a bit till public announcement gently shooed us out, but was happy to find food (glorious food!) @ Richmond Public market. Hands down one of the best place to eat (Beats Hon's Wonton House!!!). There was Rasa Singapura (Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Mee Siam++++++++++) which was relatively expensive, and a whole array of other super nice 50-stars cheap food stores selling mixed vegetable rice (they have crabs! and Taiwan Food! and Claypot soups! and many many more!) If I was a criminal from china hiding in vancouver, this will be the place I will hide. Won't miss any of the food back home. Pple in UBC can take bus 98 down here to try the best buys. No loss, Frankie Foo guarantee. Ate claypot seafood soup with mee and another type of mee, bubble tea (3 dollars, but portion is suuuper uber), and the disastrous pork pie. The pork pie was nice. It was disastrous (for me at least) cos was already running on full tank before topping up with it. Elisa enjoyed it though. Bottomless pit. =P

4) Went downtown to take Seabus over to North Vancouver, just to see the city lights. was quite transitive considering that we took the same seabus back. Hmm. How many pple do that in a day?

5) Went to UBC. Some cuckoo left Garry's Flashcard in her bag but cannot find it then, then have to go back and get it, only to find that it had been with her the whole day. Fate plays with us, but tortures only me.

6) Drooled on my GorTex a bit on the way back. No tissue paper, so had to pretend was still sleeping while everyone else was looking at me in disgust. It's ok, I dunno them, they dunno me, I reasoned to myself. =P

7) Had to wash GorTex. =(

It was altogether a happy day. Wish everyday could be like this carefree.

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