Saturday, October 09, 2004

One step closer to my dream of opening a provision shop.

Bulk shopping @ London Drugs, Broadway, after today's intensive mugging in the library and the corresponding test at 5pm-7pm.

I'm a happy man after buying 13 (@ .99 each!) cans of Beef Ravioli, Mini Raviolis, Beefaroni and Cannelloni, 5 (@ $6) cans of Primo Soup, and 4 (@ $10) packs of oatmeal bars.... The array of stuff I've imported over these days can put any mamaks to shame. Any day I feel sad, just need to open my larder and see my personal mama shop to brighten up my mood.

You might (or might not) know that I have a dream of opening a provision shop as a retirement plan. Not that it will be a vehicle for earning recurrent income or whatnot (my style of management will probably make losses... haha..) , it's simply that looking at rows and rows and stacks and stacks of food, and knowing that I can take any of them to feed my insatiable hunger, pleases me. And in a very primitive sense, I can actually provide food for those around me. Want some Heiz beans? Take take take.... Koropok to go with it? Take take take.... Ah, what a cute boy! Want a lollipop? Take take take... hahaha... Whole day just sit in a rattan chair with a straw fan, looking at the crowd going by...

And anytime I dun feel like working, can just close shop and go for long walks/hikes/tours/vacations/voyage/migration++. If anyone complain my working hour sucks and dun buy from me, no fuss, cos I can still eat everything myself anyway... haha...

I think I am going mad thinking about all this, so I better not blog anymore and go and sleep. Maybe I will dream of my aspired Mini-mart/mama shop/provision shop. It's late, and my lack of sleep will simply make the sleep more enjoyable. I have a provision shop to takeover (in my dreams).

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~ah ma burped once~ said...

walau u! really my bro lor! we're all e same fam! tt's my all time wild dream too! started frm magic prridge pot days..i always wanted a bf who owns toys r us, w my inlaws openin supermarkets, then when i old i retire in NZ w my own cow n chickens.n i love minimarts..rem tan ah teck? then i live above shophse.go down sell things.middle of nite go down eat my own stock.then muz have tv in shop too. walaus u!