Sunday, October 31, 2004

So it seems that we are not going to Las Vegas anymore....

So where should I go this weekend? Tofino? Gallops Goose Trail? Or some other unknown corner off the beaten tracks of Vancouver? I am spoilt for choices, but slouthy to plan. Randomized algorithms are my weapons of choice.

As an exchange student, I love the freedom of being able to treat schoolwork with contempt (ok, slightly only. I still kiasu...) and go on random trips to random places. But time is surely gaining upon me, and the end of this exchange program can be seen looming in the approaching horizon. How many more day trips/road trips/weekend trips are still possible before going back to Singapore? Have I fully utilized my time here? I call myself to accounts and find myself lacking in weight. I need to travel more.

Too much stress and concentration over studies has marred the enjoyment of this wonderful holidayish semester, as I fear falling behind in studies once back in Singapore. It doesn't help that what I have learnt is insufficient for me to enter the workforce with, and that I don't feel adequate in knowledge on my field of studies. But perhaps I should stop caring about the quality of the manure in the field, and start smelling the roses growing on it. Been pricked by one before shall not stop me from smelling another rose.

If there is anything worthy of profits from this trip, it has already been profited. I consider this long-term investment invested, and regard everything else as bonuses.

I leave everything else to God and His instruments. He works in his own mysterious ways for His divine Purpose.

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