Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Bridget Jones within

is definitely having some fun with me. Lone bus rides home leads to whimsical fantasies and day dreams (of bikini girls running along the beach.....not really.)

I think of different people in people cities living different lives,
I ponder over how to use the least amount of money for the rest of my Canada stay,
I think of when to wake up early to call back home (feeling guilty for calling back only twice...),
I dream of how to hook up an international girlfriend (ok, this is really just daydreaming...) while here,
I wonder if the asian girl next to me speaks chinese/cantonese/french/english-only,
I wonder why some people are fat and why some people stay thin (PSYCH 101: environment or genetics?),
I wonder if there will be any happenings around my neigbourhood,
I wonder if my house got robbed already,
I cross my fingers that I will get my homework done at the end of the night,
I hope that Garry will not play his avant-garde music at night,
and I contemplate what's for dinner.

After all this, I think about how sad God is that I'm so caught up with mundane stuff instead of focusing on Him. Then I stop thinking about all those stuff. Not important anymore. =)

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