Friday, October 29, 2004

A highly inefficient randomized algorithm for traversing Broadway

Today for some rhyme and reason was feeling randomly free after enduring the long periods of mugging for the accursed midterms(es).

Sweet miseries are left behind and post-stress behaviour sets in, leaving me with no obvious choice but to traverse Broadway with (cons (Eu (cons (jiayun zhiqing))))) under the good-natured activity one would term window-shopping. With the exception of potato chips, plum sweets, and dinner, nothing else was taken into our possession from Broadway, less the ideas of future purchases from MEC. Those ideas, may, however, be just acquired by me and jiayun, who was feeling sore in not getting the MEC card from Garry in time for the purchase of a dainty water container I call a 'Nalgene'. I was, and am, thinking of one particular fashionable pantaloons which would leave me much better accustomed to the blight weathers in Vancouver.

Food was partaken at a hospitable restaurant which I find somewhat inappropriately named 'Singapore Restaurant'. Off the busy street of Broadway, it was miraculously left almost-virgin by the crowds that flows along Broadway in fluid motion. A quiet corner (off Singapore) left to 4 Singaporeans leave us no doubt of a spontaneous bridge session, which was abruptly terminated by the service of food by the gracious Indonesian (the irony!) restaurant owner. Our amazement at the sweet char kway teow, dainty assam chicken, suspiciously-wet hokkien mee, and tomato-sauced mee goreng, was only surpassed by a greater amazement at an unfamiliar rendition of 'Dayung Sampan'. Some contemplation of whether Teresa Teng or this newfound unfamiliar voice first lent voice to this tune ensued, only to a conclusion that this was a ridiculous task, since Teresa existed much after the times of sampans. I did remember that she died of asthma in Thailand, which cannot, by no normal situation, be reached in a sampan or any other primitive transports, from HongKong.

A highly inefficent reverse traversal back to UBC to catch 'The Return' at the SUB cinema was sadly met by the ill-informed news, by way of a letter-sized printout of 'no-show', that our journey for the day has met an untimely end.

And thus ends a highly inefficient and neutrally interesting day.

Some thoughts and discussions of the day:
Do you believe in Fate? Destiny? Why and why not? (10 marks)
What does Frank do first thing in the morning? (2 marks)
What does Frank do after coming home? Exclude administrative duties. (5 marks)
Why are there marks for thoughts and discussions? (0 marks)

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