Saturday, October 16, 2004

Just rantings.

Yesterday jogging saw a crow trying to smash up a bone by throwing it down from the air onto the road (hoping that cars will run over it in the process). It did that a few times until it saw me staring at it. Then it continued a few more times before feeling a bit embarrassed (or I think it to be) and moving to fairer pastures with the bone in its beaks.

I sorta knew that happens (from Nat. Geog? Earthvisions? Forgot where...), but never saw it in the process. Perhaps I should slow down more often to smell the roses and the manure that made the rose what it is. Paying attention to the things around me is what I need to do. Being too focused and caught up with doing instead of experiencing is something I am very guilty of, but that's me. Or maybe it's not. Perhaps I am changing, but I do resist changes, for that is me. I'm so resistive of things that most engineers will label me a short-circuit. But then again, I am digressing.

Digressing from what? I am always digressing anyway.

I digress using corns and jokes and stupid remarks, for those are my forte. I digress with work. I digress by moving on to other things. Sometimes I feel that I am trying to digress from myself, my emotions, my thoughts, but I digress away from that feeling soon enough.

Introspection is something I always do, but there is a level within me that I fear to dwell into and upon, and from that I digress. Perhaps we should leave it at that, and leave Knarf as he is. There are already enough problems in the world to settle, and with that, I digress from it again.

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