Saturday, July 02, 2005


There's some virus/exploitation going on in my computer, under the process name msserv*** (thank god it's not running within a system process!), which keeps doing heavy network scanning and make my internet slow down to a halt. My browser and Messenger couldn't work while it's doing mayhem. It's attacking the microsoft-ds port 445.... How did I get it? Most importantly, how do I get rid of it?? Garrgrh.

Avast is not catching anything yet, but I've been able to find and disable the malicious process and allow my browser (and Messenger) to work. So far so bad, but so far so good... This is sort-of under control, but makes me wonder what else is going on in the background.

It's nature is similar to the one below:
Similar virus

This is the 2nd time a virus/exploit problem has happened to me in recent times, the first being me sending a virus-ed link (by some virus in my comp)to elisa - but that's a weird case, cos it was an isolated case, and the virus can't be found... Or perhaps it's the same virus... hmmm... probably not.

I think I got them while downloading stuff to install in my replacement harddisk.

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