Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday night and a gorgeous babe

It seemed hardly proper to be at someone's 21st birthday party when you do not know her (or any of her other friends) personally. Hardly proper, but a necessary attendance to ensure that her bf is not left hanging around by himself talking to walls, refridgerators, or any other inanimate objects. ZH owes me a favour for this, heh. It's a relatively new relationship, and ZH hasn't properly integrated with her family and friends yet, hence the need for me to come in as a filler putty.

How does and how should a bf/gf integrate him/herself into his/her counterpart's social circle, relatives included? This is a multi-faceted problem that has plagued many (including me) for many moons, and I think will plague me for many moons to come....

So ZH and me spent all our time eating away, chatting away on trivialities, shuffling about the room, surveying the room for passing chio bus, and watching TV. In essence, the food and party were decent, but I've failed ZK in getting 3 telephone numbers from hot babes during the party - mainly because most failed QC, and the rest were attached. But there was one hot babe that I paid special attention to (and I think she quite take favourably to me.) Her name is Zihui.

She's really a gorgeous babe, with sweet innocent doe eyes and all. Her hair smelt of talcum powder and sweat as I held her in my arms, but it was all quite pleasant to me. She has a thing for fruits (I took 4 pieces of watermelon and 1 piece of honeydew for her while we were sitting down on the sofa watching TV together), as well as clockworks (she was fascinated by my watch and I took it off for her to tinker with it for a while). It was only later when her mom came over and saw us together that she parted from me to rejoin her mother...

When the party was over, ZH and I left for home, and it is at this point that I must complain about TransIsland's inefficiency. Why does it take 30 min for 67 to depart from Tampines Interchange????!? ARgrgh.

Gong home wasn't really going home for me, but rather going to Wendy's place near my house - we played bridge and big2 till 3am. What fun. I'm a compulsive bridge/big2 player. Sue me.

And yes, my preference is Bridge, Big2, and Mahjong, in that order.

The earlier part of the day was spent playing badminton (with yy, her friend, and zk), table tennis (with the super pro zk), and attending FUN Comics lesson @ Orchard Library. All I can say of the lesson is that I have creative aspirations unmatched by my ability to draw anything decently. I can't even draw stick figures properly, dammit.

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