Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It is impossible to read

.dll files, and that's a fact I forgot.

When ZK told me he wanted me to analyse some C++ files important for his personal project, I should have realised that the .dll files he was mentioning are COMPILED C++ codes - which means that they cannot be read by HUMANS at all (if you can, you're a freak. So I'm still correct in the prior statement.)

"Ah? Ok lor... send to me I try to read lah... Try only hor?" should not have been my reply to him.

A Lot Like Love is a good movie to watch - please bring your bf/gf to watch. Ginn and I watched it at Jurong Point this morning - and the two of us literally booked the whole theatre for 107mins at a mere price of $14. Awesome film, great theatre.

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