Monday, July 04, 2005

MILK run

has no links whatsoever with the dairy association of Singapore - it stands for Mainly I Love Kids run. And no, there are no underlying paedophilic subtleties/meanings associated with the MILK run - it's organised by Shine Singapore, a cash rich government backed organisation that promotes community development (i.e. where our taxpayers' money is diverted back.)

MILK run 2005 held today was real bad, in the sense that it made me come to realise that I'm not a proficient jogger after all. I took 56min to complete 10.3km! That's freaking slow lah! That translates to coming in behind 169 guys and 11 girls.... malu. I'm not sure of the exact attendance, but there's 8505 runners, out of which 1500 MAY be running competitive. Following this aggarration, I'm only in the top 11% of the runners. Sheesh.

I guess it's because I have not trained myself to go this distance - I normally jog 4km only, and I must admit I was quite fast in the initial 4km of the 10.3km run...but for the rest of the run, I progressively slowed down to snail speed.

Another reason (or excuse) is that my New Balance shoes (not the SAF ones) are lousy. Have I said before that my shoes are so shock absorbent that there's practically very little rebound/recoil to aid you in running? Comparing my brother's Brooks against it, I found my New Balance to be very efficient at sucking energy - they're like a vast ocean that no amount of heating with a heating coil can heat up.

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