Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gym @ Fitness First, Paragon - with ZK

Hmm. I think I'm getting quite partial to FREE gym sessions. I think they are twice (or more) as effective as normal circuit trainings, and infinitely more comfortable.

But I think gym membership fees are crazy! Definitely not for students not earning their own keep (even if your father/mother can afford it, it's still quite illegal).

I've given the gal at the Fitness First counter some of my favourite friends' (yes, your's!) number, so you guys/gals should be expecting some lengthy calls from their salesperson who's trying not to sound desperate for your application to the club. They should be offering you a free one time trial of their gym, so it's not a bad idea to play along with them to get the free trial.

ZK has a one month pass and one more free trial tix, so I should be going there again when my muscles recover from the strains.


Had dinner with Jeff and Tjio, old frens from army days. Ended talking about the current comp. eng. industry as well as the current politic/economics/social situation around the world with Jeff and Zk (he tagged along after gym). I think I'm too bochup and ignorant of all the going ons around the world.

I only know Lee Hsian Long is our PM.

Hmm.... Should start paying more attention to them for my own future benefits, hmmm...

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