Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I saw a spider

crawling on someone's shirt collar in the bus today. It was a medium-sized creature, one of those long-legged small-bodied type which probably couldn't kill anything more than a fly with its venom. But still, it was a sizeable spider, and it was crawling on someone's shirt collar, black arachnid on white cloth - it couldn't have stood out more.

The thing is, not one person pointed it out to the poor old lady or made any attempt to get it off her shirt. Perhaps it's the Singaporean mentality.

If it doesn't concern me and it's not a big matter, don't bother about it.
If it doesn't concern me and it's a big matter, run for it.

If it concerns me, make a big hoohaa of it.
And If no one bothers about me, cuss 'em.

That's the way a lot of Singaporeans are.

As she flicked the spider off her shirt when it came into her view, I do not know whether she was openly cussing the spider or silently cussing everyone else in the bus, me included.

Went wakeboarding with zk, shiyu, wenzheng, and huiyi on Sunday. Shiyu's a new convert ('When are we wakeboarding again??'), but I'm getting quite skinny in the wallet and may not be wakeboarding for a very long time to come. Still thinking how to raise money for my driving lessons IF I fail the first time round. Touchwood, but must still consider...

Went for a free movie marathon @ Cathay Cineleisure on Monday, the occassion being Cathay's 70th Anniversary. Watched Batman Begins, Bimmer, Sin-City, and Be With You. This is the 1.25th time I'm watching Sin-City, as me and yy watched a bit of it on Sat night (we left halfway as yy tot it too gruesome) with free tix joey gave me... Great show, despite the blood and gore. Or is it BECAUSE of the blood and gore? Heh.

Was seeing the transcript of the NKF trial in ST Interactive (it was one of those rare gems that ST DOES NOT CHARGE subscription for), and I'm quite definite I do not want to cross the path of Mr. Singh, or any other lawyers of his calibre. The way he cross-examines Durai, his gambits, his logical leadings.. are quite something to behold.

Why is there no spoofy blogs under the name of T. Durai or something similar (T. Durain)? It would have been so interesting. And so sue-able.

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