Monday, July 04, 2005

Pernice Brothers - Discover a Lovelier You (Indie Rock)

I think I've struck gold in the album 'Discover a Lovelier You'.

'...There are certain CDs that make me sigh with delight. Like a good yoga class or a sunny day (somewhat rare here in Seattle), they create an involuntary release — the tension that settles in my shoulders dissolves while that CD spins. Thank goodness, the Pernice Brothers make that kind of music....' --Paige Newman (MSNBC)

I am having troubles finding the marvellous lyrics to their songs (apparantly they do not post their lyrics online - a bid to make people buy their albums)

There are three songs you can listen to in the MSNBC review below, of which I love 'Subject Drop'!
MSNBC Review

Better still go to their website's AV to look at their MTVs. Personal favourite is 'Weakest Shade of blue'.

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