Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Belated San Francisco Happenings...

Hello once again to my few friends who have been tirelessly coming to my blog in anticipation of something interesting, and have been met with nothing less annoying than… nothing.

I shall try to keep you updated with what’s going on in my life in the FEWESTEST WORDS possible so that the next time I meet you (if I meet up with you), you can act as if you’ve known me all my life and that you are such an attentive/caring/concerned/kind/sweet/demure?/cool friend/fiend. (The more pertaining reason/excuse for this concise summary is that I‘ve been lazing around, doing nothing but staring at ceiling, making friends with shadows on the wall, and can’t be bothered to give you an in-depth analysis. Not that you are THAT interested anyway ;)

So here goes ….


San Francisco::

Let’s see what I can remember of the tripรจ

Super long bus rides (25h X 2) on Greyhound, with lots of lost connections and an unnecessary adventure to the unknown with a new-to-the-route bus driver. She’s jovial though, and that added to the adventurous air.

Chinatown. Good food at Yee’s Restaurant! Cheap (I think) American Ginseng.

Fisherman’s Wharf / Pier 39. Lots of exhibitionistic seals resting nonchalantly on floating platforms, while a larger number of tourists stare at their naked bodies in awe/disgust/love/adoration. Conjured up an image of tourists resting nonchalantly on floating platforms, while a larger number of seals stare at their naked bodies in awe/disgust/love/adoration, and that made me chuckle a bit, until I realised that I was naked on a floating platform too.

Crookedest (Heck, this word failed the spellchecker in Ms Word…) Road, at Lombard Street. It’s the crookedest Street! Wow! Amazing! Ok, so it’s crooked. And then?? It’s a tourist trap in both sense, I tell you. No one should come here to disturb the privacy of the poor (not really, they are quite rich to live in such a posh district) residents on both sides of the street. The gradient of the road is so steep that you can roll a marble on the high end of the road, and possibly kill 2 or more persons walking la-di-da-di-da-ly at the lower end of the road with it. Saw a sign that allows only parking at the sides, PERPENDICULAR TO THE GRADIENT, and I’ve been wondering how many drivers actually tried parking here, and how many drivers actually found themselves alive after that. Heck, this is too much attention for such a trappy street. Let’s move on.

San Francisco Bay. Nice strong waves with crazy surfers attempting a surf in the fr**king cold waters. Ooh, the kick of staying in 2-5 degrees waters, waiting for strong waves that may possibly drown them simply makes me feel happy for the world. How else do we stop the exponentially increasing population growth?

The Golden Gate Bridge! Wow, what a nice RED bridge! It’s really a nice red bridge, and that’s the whole cake.

Cheesecake Factory! Always have a weak spot for them. No wonder they can get away with 1-2hr long queues. Did you know that they give out pagers for customers, so that they may shop around and wait for their seats at the same time? It’s a really neat idea that saved them from being lambasted/boycotted by the general public.

Muir Woods. Saw those humongotongous redwoods, and had fun popping myself into the burnt cavities within the trunks (or what’s left of them). There would have been live salmon (Yum!) if it was just past the rainy periods, but we missed them, so too bad.

Taking wrong buses and getting lost are not such glorious events, and I think I will leave them out of my blog, thank you.

And that’s what the lazy me can come up with within the immensely short period of my unlaziness. So there.

Pics? Where are they? Look HERE. If I’m not so lazy, I might update the HERE to my imagestation album. And that’s a big IF. But do try looking back here for it anyway, IF you are interested. And that’s a bigger IF. =)

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