Thursday, December 02, 2004

The most important key on the keyboard

One of the most important key on the keytboard is the backspace key. With out the backspace key, we simply cnaoot corrcyt our errors and all oru entries will look very funny, much like what you are seeing now. How do we correct sentences tha t we do not want anymore? Can we simply say >ingnore last sentence? > or something like that? Probably not.

This is much like asking ourselves if we can get a fresh clean sheeat of paper from one really messed up one, without using a n eraser. Simply impossible. Perhaps this is much like what our lifes are withouthte saving frace of God. Full of errors and imncomprehensible. Jesus is the ersaer, the backspace pkey fro us, and o;nly with it can we correct our resally mesesed up lives into correcy allignment with Him.

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