Friday, December 10, 2004

Going to Chicago for Holiday on the 15th

Woohoo. How exciting. Will be going to Chicago during the exam period right after my 2nd paper on the 15th, to fly back on the 19th for exams due the following two days. I've already got my tix and here's the aggarated plan::

0830-1100:: take exam (complete with backpack for Chicago)
1100-1500:: Mug and get to Best Western @ Downtown for bus (
1500-1855:: Journey to Downtown Seattle
1855-2100:: Walk around downtown and eat lunch and mug (not!) and get to bus tunnel
2130-2200:: Take bus to SeaTec Airport

2358-0544(15th):: Plane to Chicago (Midway)
0544-1500:: Hang around downtown Chicago, wait for hotel
1500-????:: Unplanned tour
????-1000:: Get my ass to Chicago (Midway) for plane back to SeaTec
1220-1444:: Plane to SeaTec
1444-1635:: Eat lunch and get to Best Western Hotel
1635-2035:: Take bus back to Vancouver
2035-2115:: Take bus back to home for dinner
2115-????:: Mug and prepare for exams tomorrow.

...and that's the full extent of my planning. Not much of a plan considering that I dunno what will be going on in Chicago and how much mugging I can do there (not!)

If there's anything anyone wants from Chicago, now's the time to leave a note in the comments. Won't be getting them, but at least I can laugh over how naive you can be to expect me to buy things for you. =)

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