Monday, December 13, 2004

Things to buy

- Jelly Beans for Evan (this one is tentative, cos he still choosing flavours. Also depends on if he's naughty or nice.)
- Alberta Quarter for Bea~ (does it really exist?? Can’t find it online)
- Choc Delights, maybe (12 +/- 3) packs. Jiayun say got better chocolate deals.
- Maple leaf syrup, <=5 bottles. Last heard cost around 10 SGD for 250ml of PURE maple leaf syrup. Must beat this price.
- Walking pole. Saw one around 30 dollars at a consignment store near MEC (forgot what name is the shop liao..)
- luggage bag, to hold all the excess baggages I am bringing back for the peeps back home

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