Friday, December 10, 2004

Food crisis!

I am getting really fat from all the binge eating sessions for the past few days.

A quick review of traffic through my system::

Viet beef noodles, Lunch @ !@$!$!! Viet Restaurant @ Kingsway
Coffee @ JJ Beans
Steamboat, Dinner @ Home

Mixed rice, Lunch
Pasta and Tiramisu, Dinner @ Anton's

Dim Sum, Brunch @ Sze Chuan Restaurant
Krispy Kremes, Teatime @ Delta
Coffee @ Perky Beans
Stirfry Beef + sausages and pasta, dinner @ Home

Viet beef noodles, Lunch @ Thai Son, Richmond
Wonton noodles, Dinner @ Ho Tak Kee

Coffee, Breakfast @ JJ Beans
Pasta, Lunch @ Anton's
Beef and broccoli rice, Dinner @ Home

Satay Horfun, Lunch @ Garlic and Ginger (Pui!)
Coffee, Teatime @ Bean Brothers
Mashed Potatoes and Drumsticks, Dinner @ HoMe

Mixed Rice, Lunch @ Yaohan
Pasta, Dinner @ HoMe

Canfood pasta and 4 snack bars
Pizza and chicken noodle soup, Dinner @ Home

And this is on top of numerous snacking occassions that I am not keeping track of...

And the worst thing is......
I've still got quite some can foods++ to clear from the larder before I set for home~~~!
How the heck am I gonna finish all campbell soupies/canned pasta/meat sauce, when I have effectively 20 days left in Vancouver, with 5 of them to be spent in Chicago? Mama sai~~~~!!! Siao liao lah!!!! Panic panic...


Complains about the weather::
It's getting colder and gloomier, definitely. Temperature hovers around 2 degrees, with drizzles aplenty, and traces of snow. CAn't get enough of the snow, but hate the rain.

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