Thursday, December 30, 2004

Coming Home

This must be the period of my life with the most travelling done, in both time and distance.

First it was going down to San Francisco via Greyhoud (25 hours X 2 ways), and travelling around in San Francisco.

Then it’s another 20 hrs flight from Vancouver back to Singapore. How my butt disagrees with me when I got back to Singapore

And how my Mom disagrees with me too, when I arrived back in Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want to give your father/mother/brother/sister/daughter/son/dog a jolt short of a heart attack, do go on a one or two semester exchange program and DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. This also makes a good camouflage should you intend to sneak past your eagerly awaiting ‘welcome-back party’. Mother was totally shocked into oblivion, as if she owns the stock market and Wall Street just crashed.

The next few days was spent in long hours of sleep (using jetlag as an excuse, of course), and few minutes of unpacking.

Every other minute was spent on intense efforts at dodging Mother, who keeps lunging at me, wielding a pair of barber scissors in one hand. Ok, I imagined that. But the real thing is nothing short of PRC asking Taiwan for unification, and Taiwan insisting on independence. The matrix stunts I have to perform just to get away from her…

And HERE’s my final expense report for the duration of stay in Singapore, IF you are interested. Same conditions apply as per last blog entry.

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