Thursday, December 23, 2004

So much things going on... so little time to blog!!!

In a nutshell::
1)Exams finished! Intense ineffective mugging hours, and effectively my 2nd C+ for grades, up to now, but I don't really care! Woohoo. I'm a free man.

2)In between exams, went to Chicago to see my sis and bro, and there's where the meat (literally so) is!
Chicago's nice and cold and wind-chilling like anything and it's not really fun to be out there in comparison with Vancouver! VERY FLAT terrain also.

Where did I go? I define that by what I eat, mostly..
Let's see now... (in chrono order)

Philly Cheese Steak for 1st lunch:
Decadent, I tell you! Hot dog bun with lots of cheese and meat inside, will kill your heart!

Was a nice place, but I think vancouver has a better one! Of course lah, if you compare the population ratio of chinese, it has to be that way...

Deep dish pizza for dinner:
Never heard of that? It's pizza the thickness of a small cake! Filled with cheese and meat and everything sinful. Yumz.

Polish sausages for breakfast: Big nice bulging polish sausages cannot be wrong! Yumz.

Fanny May chocolates: Nice wholesome famous chocies. Only ate one sample though. The others became present for pple.

Pork chop at Ronny's: Was so large in proportion and so value for money that we went there the next morning to eat also! There will be pics, I promise!

Chicago Art institute: Definitely one of the larger artsy fartsy place I have been to. Nice pics and displays, and I think the $10 is a well-spent event.

John Hancock Tower: Supposedly spectacular bird-eye view from 94th floor around all of Chicago. Was getting a bit dark when there, so there was problem with taking photos. Great view from top though, if you can be there.

Cheesecake factory dinner: Bistro shrimp! Yumz. Was expensive though, and the whole place was really crowded, though the atmosphere was there. Very theme-decorated place. Nifty.

Going to leave for Singapore right after my San Francisco trip tomorrow to 28th, so now have no time to tell what's going on now!!! Ahh!!!!! Mad rush!!!! Pictures will be out post-event. Duh. That's such a moronic statement.

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