Sunday, December 05, 2004

Krispy Kreme's @ Delta

Went for Dim Sum in the morning, followed by a pilgrimage to Krispie Kreme's @ Delta. The place was more accessible than the one we went to in Seattle, but we missed the most exciting icing event of the day (we found that the do that in the morning from 530 to 11)

Nevertheless, we bought some delectable doughnuts and also filmed the whole production process (the doughnuts are produced machine assembly line style, and it's really quite cool to see such an industrial feat, not to mention all those drooling doughnuts...)

Brought some back for further savouring and drooling over...

The video for the production line will be up soon. Anticipate for it. =)

Went to Eugene's uncle cafe at New Westminster and had a triple (yes, triple.) shot mocha. Caffeine overdose, I tell you... He was going on and on about the good points of moving over to Canada from Singapore though I am not the least tempted to do so. Can't stand the blasting weather [yet?])

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