Friday, November 26, 2004

Best study (mugging!) spot found!

After traversing every corner of the Kroener Library, found that the best seats are on level 4,5,6, at the glass-shield side facing Main Library.

You get a nice scenery to look at when tired from studying, that's one reason.

But the main reason is that..... the heater is running parallel to that side! That's a very useful thing to have when you are all cold and shivering and your socks are both wet (The feeling of wearing warm socks freshly heated over the heater is orgasmic, I tell you...)

I don't like the rain that much now. Too much of it dampens the mood too much (on top of feeling all cold and wet inside), and that can be quite depressing. Depression is good for short periods of time, but not all the time. =(

This morning cooked a relatively heavy breakfast again. Shiok shiok.

And Sushi tonight. Yay. Oh happy day.

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