Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Trip to Shannon Falls and Squamish

The trip to Shannon Falls and Squamish last Saturday is about 1hr ride (CAD$15, return, Greyhound) from Vancouver, with a little bit of scenery on the way (the way back at night is better, I think, cos you can see the Vancouver skyline and all the glitzy lights of Vancouver while the bus moves along the shore line of horseshoe bay)

Shannon Falls' nice (BC's third-highest waterfall)and comes with a few delightfully awkward hiking trails. Not the usual well travelled ones, but those of quite steep elevations (they have steps for some of the way, but only rocks on others). There's also some awesome rocks (Stawamus Chief Mountain) which would look very nice on postcards and photos, except the day was too cloudy for nice photos...

Squamish is a relatively small town with little to squam about. We went on a walk along the touristed estuary, to some slight disappointment at the lack of birds (wrong season?) and the cloudy weather. It was nevertheless, a walk to remember.

Some touristy facts about Squamish:
Situated at the head of Howe Sound and surrounded by mountains, Squamish is cradled in natural beauty as only a West Coast community can be. Growing in fame as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, visitors will discover the abundance of attractions, activities and opportunities to explore in the community of Squamish.

Things to do::
-Shannon Falls Provincial Park
-Stawamus Chief Provincial Park
-Alice Lake Provincial Park

-Rail history showcased at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park
-Shannon Falls also attracts thrill-seeking ice climbers
-Squamish Estuary provides extraordinary birding, with over 200 species identified.
-Windsurfing: Squamish has the Spit, a long breakwater located at the mouth of the Squamish River. It is the launch pad for windsurfers who rely on its predictable wind, known as a squamish, which blows each afternoon.
-In 1994, Squamish set the world record with an astounding 3766 eagles counted in one day! The month-long Eagle Festival is held in January, drawing crowds from around the world.

.... and that's all the nice stuff you can do there. But we went there for the Estuary walk only, cos not time/dun like/no money for all the other stuff. =)

Ended the day @ Granville trying to find the much acclaimed (by Rockies Express Groupie) Sushi restaurant to no avail, and gave the search up for a warmer dinner @ Congee Noodle House. Congee Noodle House never fails. =)

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