Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Financial Situation (update)

Dear all-who-are-interested-in-my-financial-situation,
Please find under 'My Files' at my website (look to the left for link), an updated excel spreadsheet on my financial status.

While rampant spendings and several high budget expenditures/holidays have contributed greatly against the heavily stretched budget, I assure you that EVERYTHING IS STILL UNDER CONTROL.

Though only around SGD$300+ is left for ALL EXPENSES TILL END OF SCHOOL, do not panic.
Though market sentiments are against my surviving on the pittance left, do not panic.
Though I might well be chomping on can foods for the rest of my stay here, do not panic.
Though there are still a few more trips (to Tofino, Chicago, Seattle [again?], +++) to be embarked upon and will incur more costs, do not panic.
I should be the one panicking, and I am not.

This is because :
all the heavy duty expenses have been paid up (rent and other household overheads, clothes+++),
the initial budget of SGD$8K is simply unrealistic and just a high-aim goal,
there are still reserves of over SGD$5K left for emergency situation.

Any eating into the reserves will simply mean less money for travelling to Taiwan/China/Thailand/Vietnam/HK when I get back.

So, chill.

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