Saturday, November 27, 2004

Presents Thread::

Ok, in view of the impending coming back to Singapore (sob sob), dear boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen and whatever type of homo sapiens, please notify me as to whether you want a present or not (this is to reward you for being loyal viewers of my blog ;) ).

If yes, what pressie you want?!? Got specifics then name them, see can get or not. Else I RandomSelect.

Some of the foreseeable pressies:
-maple leaf syrup in fancy gift glass bottles?
-Starbucks limited edition stored value cards from main branch in Seattle (fyi, the original Starbucks logo's siren's breasts are not covered. And these original logos are still in print ONLY in that main branch)
-postcards (...)
-tourist maps (? haha...)

If there's serious rejections of any of the above pressies, please also state hor....

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