Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Weekend Vacation to Lytton and Kamloops (Lytton Part)

Last Friday skipped school (Frank! Skipped school? This is unbecoming of you...) to go on a bus trip to Lytton and Kamloops, about 4 hours east of Vancouver.

Lytton is a small town with a population of 300+, which is about 3% of the size of a church in singapore, which is the size of 12 junior college classes, which is 1.5x one batch of NUS law students, and 1x one batch of wedding dinner guests. There's really nothing much to do there, so if you are wanting to go there in the expectation of some really neat and cool activities, don't. The Lytton link above really did a good job in detailing everything that's existing in Lytton to be exaggeratively interesting.

At the greyhound stop is the Pioneer Cemetary, where the more photographic part of you may want to stop for some cemetary shoots. Or not, if the photographic part of you doesn't want to.

The visitor information led us to take picture of a funny sand contour structure they call 'Jelly Roll' (and frame it up alongside a wall), in the hope that it may one day become a famous landmark of the remarkably small and deserted town. Sadly, this belief reinforcement led to a great anti-climax that I have not recovered from, after seeing the real McCoy to be just a funny sand contour structure that they frame alongside a wall.

The caboose park beside the GrEaT Lytton Jelly Roll was the size of a budget-limited coffeeshop in an overpriced CBD district. 5 groups can play hopscotch in it, with all of them trying very hard not to collide amongst themselves. Except that after they brought in the cAbOoSe, there seems to be only room for 2 groups left.

We had lunch at the best cafe in town (truth is, it is the only cafe), which was facing the notorious Fence, where all the toughies of the town hang out (really, the place's so limited that even toughies can't be picky about where to hang out...). Where is it? It's the only noticable fence in the whole town, so you can't miss it.

If there's anything worth the time at Lytton, it has to be the Fraser river and all the adjacent mountains that makes the whole place so picturesque. Took some pictures that you might see soon on my website. Elisa has got more pictures, so you might want to link there via the link on the left. But then again, she's so perfectionistic that only a few rare photos (taken from obscure angles or under super rare elemental support[rain @ horizontal angle, rainbow, rays of lights through clouds...]) pass the cut into her gallery.

We also took the Lytton Reaction Ferry that was a boat linked via to the two sides of the Fraser River by metal wirings. The tilt of the boat allowed the slight heavy current to push it from shore to shore, and that's the physics part of it.

Ended off the day waiting for the greyhound @ 10pm, after seeing all (at around 5pm?) that was interesting in Lytton, the (only) supermarket included. Bring lots of work along to maximise time efficiency.

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