Saturday, November 06, 2004

Of pumpkin pies (? Haha..), potato salads (Hmm..), and delectable grilled drumsticks

There must be some laws (if there isn't, someone should motion for them) to make it illegal for anyone to not own an oven. The drumsticks in tomato puree/mayonaise grilled in a 230 degs oven taste so delicious that I must must must try to make my own. (Even if it takes N times of washing to get the pandoric oven clean before I can experiment with it)

Pumpkin pie? Haha... What can I say? Better luck next time. Thank God that it doesn't take as much effort as the hazelnut torte, or all of us will feel really bad. Really really bad.

There is something about the potato salad that I cannot put a finger to it. And so I won't. It has something to do with the beans being too long, the radish being funnily bland, and... argh! I'm putting my finger into it! Stop it, Frank...

Elisa has a secret recipe notebook that I am tempted to swipe while she's sleeping. I could ask it from her, but then, where's the fun? Would love to see the horrified face when she finds her 'precious' gone... bwah hah hah...

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