Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Personal Analysis of Transcontinental Economy differences

If there are anything cheaper over here (Canada) than in Singapore, it would have to be 'Made in Canada' stuff or Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I had for dinner tonight.

Today is Toonies Two's Day @ KFC and there is an offer for (2pcs Chick + Small Fries) @ CAD$2 (did you guess this? You would be wrong, cos there's a 15% tax. =) ) And you could add an extra piece of chicken or an extra drink (20 oz) for a loonie (in fact you can add unlimited chix/drink if you had unlimited loonies).

That works out to a 3-piece meal with fries for $3.45, after tax. Convert that to SGD would be around SGD$4.50? That totally rocks and increases my affinity for it. =). How agreeable and delightful.

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